Why Democrats Lose and Republicans Rule



  • Voter-base driven by emotion and passion- scattered focus.

  • Seeking a Savior – someone to fix all their problems.

  • No consistent or targeted messaging.

  • Rely on an educated voter-base to understand the issues and vote in favor of their positions.

  • Focused only on major election and major issues rather than local and state elections.

  • Lost touch with average Americans- too much talk in generalities and historical norms.

  • Don't know the 'Art of War' or 'The Art of The Deal'.


  • Voter-base policy driven.

  • Character and personality of party leader not important.

  • Winning seen as most important objective- above principle and Religion.

  • Single-focused and targeted messaging- geared toward heart of their base voters.

  • Simple and repeated talking points aimed at headline grabbing and easily remembered phrases designed to be memorable- like singing your favorite song (word-for-word).

  • A well-tuned Army of pundits who receive daily marching orders for MSM consumption- under threat of court-martial for any curiosity of their content or value.

  • Play to voter fears for motivation and inspiration- and some basic greed.

Case in point:

What were the takeaways from Comey testimony?

  • Can you repeat the Democrat's summary of the hearing (need another hearing)

    - and how often has it been repeated by MSM?

  • What about the Republicans- Trump exonerated.



And from either prospective the public patiently awaits further instructions.    

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