What Price - Trust, Loyalty and Respect?





Comparing the way in which past Presidents have earned our trust, loyalty and respect to the requirements we demand of our recent office holders should cause us to want to re-examine the values we expect from our future political leaders. Too easily we have defined our price for such loyalty by discovering if they are committed to a simple alphabetic symbols identified as “R” or “D”. Is that really the full extent of our demand for loyalty and respect from these leaders? And if so, have we taken the time to assess the true costs involved in following that strategy? Also, what does that say about us that we have allowed ourselves to be defined by a simple one letter character that has the power to control our thinking for the rest of our lives?




Making an important distinction between loyalty and respect for the Office of the Presidency versus that same dedication to the Man holding that office, should there be additional requirements for any man aspiring to the Presidency before earning our support? A single Creator produced two men for the office:


  • One occupant with a skin color problem affecting our commitment -still considered by us as 3/5th human?

  • The other, very good at wheeling and dealing with reckless abandon -but made of exactly the right Stuff.



The choice was evidently a no-brainier if guided by the “R” and “D” strategy, right? But the question we should ask ourselves is how much more effort do we need to invest, individually, before determining our own requirements for commitment? But that would require independent thought and free will, not blind obedience. It continues to be a mystery how a conservative congress for the past six+ years, with an admitted objective of obstructing anything “D” related (good or bad) and a willingness to waste taxpayer funds (government shutdown, Benghazi investigations ), were able to escape penalties in the previous election solely on the basis of a simple letter character.



After listening to the many voices of support for the current governmental team and comparing their record of support for our continued well being and future needs – Health Care, they seem to know that we are willing to maintain the same “R” / “D” measurement well into the foreseeable future – to our continued detriment.




Too Bad!!!






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