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For the past six months there has been an ongoing 'Reality' type program filling every waking hour of TV viewing and continuing well into late night programming. It appears to contain lots of individual assignments and challenges for its stars, with successes and failures (mostly fails), hiring,/firing, and overall entertainment containing happiness, sadness, laughter and tears (all things needed for good TV viewing). It's almost as if it follows the same story-line as a show from a decade ago that may have been called the Apprentice. Of course this reference is to the current governing strategies and executions by the new administration. My guess is, having similar producers, it will remain popular to a certain segment of the viewing audience until the creator gets bored and moves on- I'm certainly hooked.


Since this particular show happens to be about real life choices with permanent consequences, extra care should be taken in determining the content of each episode to ensure that viewers come away with a real sense of satisfaction for having invested so much hope and trust in it's success.


PS. Could the Clinton/Lynch Airport meeting about Grand kids be on a par with Putin/Trump discussing Adoptions?



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  1. stevehayes13

    When did Putin and Trump meet to discuss adoptions?

    July 31, 2017