Trump's Base...'Til death do us part'






So much attention has been payed lately, by the news media, to voters for Trump in hopes of seeing some sign of erosion and doubt in their support. This effort points to their continuing lack of understanding of Trump's appeal and the commitment of his Base Voters. My personal reference to this relationship finds an explanation in the TV era shows of his youth. Rooted in the weekly Western Shows of that period, were Sheriffs, Good Guys/Bad Guys, and Heroes with White Hats, which could be the basis for his attraction. Remember, you must create a Bad Guy, you must make yourself the Good guy (refer to the primary and general elections), and then make the public, towns people, believe that you are their only Savior.




Another point to consider is that Trump has already fulfilled his campaign promise to his Base. It is worth noting that 16+ candidates were rejected for him, in spite of his known background and reputation. More important for his base was his promise to make 'America Great Again' and above all, 'Take Back Our Country'. The willingness to ignore our core Founding Principles and allow exploitation of our hard earned reputations of Trustworthiness and Respect, was but a small price to pay for those objectives.




So, is it possible that he could fail at everything else during his administration and still have his Base insist that he is the greatest thing since Ronald Reagan? For the Liberals, quit barking up the wrong tree. The solution to defeating Trump is rooted in educating your base on the importance of winning at the State and Local level and accepting (without excuses) the fact that Trump beat you at the game of Cowboys and Indians ( I think the 16+ didn't know the game). Movie Star Presidents will always be our Super-Heroes, they're with us daily on TV (hint to Dems, 'The Game').




PS. When reading the various opinions on the success of the first 100 days of this administration, it might be helpful to keep in mind a Key Truism of the ages as opposed to Fake News and Button Pushers, 'The things you do speak so loud, I can't hear a word you say'.


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Comments (4)

  1. jaageet

    Good analysis. So, Trump is the lone gunfighter riding into town to rid it of the bad guys. And even though the whole town want to beat him up, our cowboy ends up beating all of them. Times has changed even if the American hero theme is still very much alive in all our hearts and minds. The backdrop is no longer the wild west and its kind of hard to root for Trump if you are black and looking down the wrong end of his 44 Magnum or a latino whose ass he wants to kick all the way back to Mexico.

    April 30, 2017
    1. hgjat

      But, What if you are White?

      May 01, 2017
      1. jaageet

        Whites these days, in America, are not the same kind of whites back then when the covered wagons were rolling west. Back then, if you came to America, you either assimilate or you die. The land demanded that. All snakes were deadly and no prairie woman – no matter how tender-hearted – would hug a half-frozen snake to give it refuge and warmth. If you are white and you don’t do that now, you are considered full of hate. And hate has no home here, not in the America of today.

        May 01, 2017
  2. wirelessguru1

    Trump will be the POTUS for these next 8 years…

    April 30, 2017