The Revealing Nature of the “N” Word


Yet again this Subject has claimed national attention. And yet again we can expect Our same predictable treatment and response to it's presence. Could we actually be missing the true purpose of it's continued presence among us and therefore constantly highlighting our inability to respond properly to the Power we have given it? This subject could be viewed as one of the many small Tests-Walls designed to reveal our true nature to the world. Since we continue to use the same tired responses to this subject as our ancestors used ages ago, we can expect to continually bump our heads into this Wall long into the foreseeable future until we begin to see the Truth that it is designed to reveal within each of us. In the pass we have tried to ignore it, face it head-on, acknowledge it, and have ultimately fought over it with little success. But one very important contributor to the subject has been missing in our discussions of the past- The nature and purpose of the Person who feels compelled to use it as a demonstration of his level of knowledge and understanding of our Creator's purpose and passing judgment on His intent. In most cases we have been too busy anticipating and responding to the reactions caused by it's use and thereby completely missing the originator's intent. Several types of people seem to feel the need to use this word:


  • The first type seems to be filled with Hate for another Group and uses the expression of that hate to validate the notion of his/her own perceived superiority. What they fail to recognize is that this is not the answer needed for them to overcome the Wall- in fact they may not want to conquer it (what excuse could they then use for justification of their worth?). This feeling that their own sense of importance can only be achieved through the creation of a fictional inferior group will always be false. The 'I-Am-Better-Than/Superior to...' mentality is the real Wall to overcome.

  • The next type appears to have dual purposes as it's justification. First, it takes on the appearance of friendship and brotherhood, when used, to show a kind of kinship among comrades. But in reality it can easily be seen as a demonstration of the accepted views of the Type One group above- with the added goal of minimizing the sting through laughter, friendship and the creation of another layer of superiority. Second, it can be seen as having an advantage over other groups by feeling a sense of freedom to use it at will, without consequences. But this could also be considered another case of superiority over others. The 'I-Am-Better-Than/Superior to...' mentality is the real Wall to overcome.

  • And then there are the Intellectuals who profess to be above the fray- having elevated their thinking through knowledge and so-called compassion. Their advancement on the subject seems to be a good first step, but can easily be abandoned in favor of traits displayed by the two groups above when challenged on their sincerity. They have improved upon the 'I-Am-Better-Than/Superior to...' mentality which has them part-way over the Wall, but as long as this word is only seconds away escaping their lips at the slightest provocation, more introspection is needed.

Even though there can be many more motives for raising this subject at various times, it should always be viewed as a major 'Buzz-Word' whose sole purpose is to stimulate passion and incite behavior.


So, unless we are ready and willing to begin the hard work of turning our attention to the Real “N” Words (behind sheets and in the cover of darkness) that constantly shows up in these discussions and begin to help them develop a new since of confidence and self-worth based on their true nature, we can expect the same old song and dance that's been around hundreds of years with little progress to show for our efforts.


FYI. Getting over this Wall will require a greater power within each of us that has been patiently awaiting our discovery.

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