The Deconstruction of Trump II



After reviewing last week's governmental decisions, several things have become more clear:


  • After being given all power and authority, more skill than a Bull-In-A-China-Shop is needed to be effective.
  •  We should determine if Folding-Up-Your-Tent and moving on at the first sign of failure is an option in the Art of The Deal.
  • It just could be possible that an obamanation from the streets of Chicago is far Superior (governing) when compared to the privileged elite from Queens.
  • We don't need to worry about being too tired of Winning anytime soon.



In the meantime, the Three Pillars driving this administration are ever active. Have you heard that we are losing our internet privacy rights?, Our Environmental protections are being sacrificed?. How much more will we have to pay to make America Great Again??

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