The American People Want...



Many pundits and politicians have a regular habit of going before the public and on news programs to speaking with authority for the American people. I have often wondered where their confidence and certainty in those statements came from. For instance:

  • The American people want the right to choose the next Supreme Court Justice

  • The American people want Obama-Care repealed

  • The American people want Tax reform

  • etc...


Its certainly true that some Americans want these things. But the question in my mind is how many of them knew what they wanted before hearing it from the politicians themselves? Also, I have never seen push-back on those claims, to any significant degree, on the talk shows. I am guessing that some rule or agreement is in place among the news media allowing these statements to go unchallenged.


I have noticed that the true voices of Americans are sometimes expressed, but ignored. For instance:

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Woman's right to choose

  • Fix(not repeal) Obama-care

  • etc...


This seemingly obvious contradiction in our duly-elected official's read of the American people versus what they are actually saying (polls + demonstrations), should be of concern to us all.


My read on this issue is that most of us have ceded our rights to independent thought and reasoning in favor of so-called expert opinion and the herd mentality. It appears that our political leaders have been well aware of this fact and have counted on us to not question or look closely at the details of their positions, asking us to trust them to make the right call. Thus far this approach has led to a more polarized country with little hope of compromise or bi-partisanship. Unless we begin to see significant push-back on statements that do not align with known facts and begin requiring proof, not rhetoric, America's true voice will continue to be ignored and silenced.


In the meantime, did you know that the American people want to eliminate health-care coverage in favor of Tax Reform, mostly for the rich and powerful? Or, have the pundits and politicians not spoken for us yet?


PS: Does anyone remember an old Christopher Walken movie called The Dead Zone?



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