Protesters... Protest yourselves









Almost from the beginning of Trump's Presidency, Americans began protesting his actions and choices. It is now about four months since his swearing-in and complaint against him continue with little interruptions. But, I wonder if another, more important, group should be the target of these protests?




We, The American People, elected Donald Trump as our President (all of us). That includes those who voted for him (minority), those who voted against him (majority) and those who chose not to vote at all (the real swing voters). Since it was never any doubt who Trump was and what his intentions were, it's curious to me why such strong reaction to his decisions is being expressed.




  • We knew his attitude toward women.

  • He told us his intentions toward immigration and illegal aliens.

  • His Supreme Court pick was known (gift from the Senate Gods), no skills required.

  • Obamacare repeal was no surprise.

  • Role back anything Obama (check)




The one thing that should be surprising would be the promise to Bomb the Sh... out of any country who came close to our troops (or was it just Iran?). We still have a chance to go it alone in addressing North Korea (if we hurry).




But, we knew all of this before hand, and still elected him. Using his much touted Business Skills (questionable) and his power of intimidation, we gave him free reigns to use our government in anyway he chooses. That's exactly what he is doing.. After all, nothing in his background would have led us to believe that he was anything more than a skilled businessman with questionable ethics and a history of secret deals not available to the public. Were we really expecting him to change?




So, should these ongoing Protests target our own actions and choices and leave Trump to do what he knows best? If we haven't figured out by now that House and Senate Reps have always been the Key to change in our government (2018 and 2020?). If our intent is to allow this Administration (+plus Congress) to continue for the next eight years, then we should begin protest plans now in preparation for the next critical choice we make.


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