“Let The Bad Guy Win Every Once-In-A-While”



Continuing with my 'Western Movie' analogy of by-gone days (and revealing some of my own early influences), the TV attraction each week was the ongoing battle between the Good guys and The Bad guys (Roy Rogers. The Lone Ranger, Hopalong Cassidy, etc). Each and every week the struggle was pretty much the same, with the same predictable ending- The Good Guy winning the day and saving the town, to the wild cheers and thanks of the law abiding town-folk. What was quickly forgotten was the near total destruction of lives, laws and norms by the Bad Guy for most of the show.


Remembering the actions of the bad guy and the town-folk throughout those shows could be helpful in making sense of today's Real-Life Western Movie:

  • The bad guy never followed the Law.

  • The town-folk always gave in to the bad guy's demands.

  • The bad guy took money, abused the women and ordered the people around at will without consequences or resistance.

  • The town-folk became yes-men and avoided confrontation at all cost.

  • Etc


It was never a thought in those days that the good guy would not show up to save the day, and he always did. But in today's reality the real possibility is that there will be no 'Good Guy' showing up to correct the evils of the day. And if our hero is not around, what are the people to do?


Back to the ideals of independent thought and personal responsibility, the choices are rather simple. Let the Bad-Guy continue until the coffers are completely depleted (real swamp draining), or develop a backbone and re-write the ending with a new set of Good Guys (Republican Congress- (Not!).


So, relax and enjoy the show, It's may get a lot worse.




PS; Fake News appears to be OK if coming from me- DT, but Your fake news is subverting our country.

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