In Search of America's Greatness



I wonder if anyone has ever taken the time to offer a detailed explanation of the “Make America Great Again” mission of our current administration? And, if so, does it have the same meaning for each of the thousands of screaming supporters passionately casting their votes for it's awaited return? My guess is, if asked, that there would be thousands of definitions given, matching the thousands of screaming supporters currently living their long awaited dreams of yesteryear.


In truth, being one of the thousands with memories of America's greatness and its storied past, I remember notable building blocks such as principles of honesty, morality, spirituality, love of fellowman, and hard working men and women committed to family and community as being responsible for a major part of earning that honor. More emphasis seemed to have been placed on looking out for their fellowman than on power and greed.


Sadly, these building blocks seem to be missing from our current definition and it's objective, not only from the current administration, but the other houses of government as well. Instead they seem to have been replaced with hearts of stone and the 'me,me,me' attitude- with little or no concern for our fellowman. I remember a famous saying containing the statement “Teach a man to Fish...” (all men) that could be the beginning of a return to the “True Greatness” expressed by our recent voices. One question to be asked to begin this journey would be: How can we use the power of this government to start creating Fishermen (if we really cared)?



But then, how many of us are interested in what really made 'America Great'?  

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  1. jaageet

    You don’t come across as an American at all. Do you have a Texan drawl or a deep Southern accent?

    July 31, 2017