Fake News & Rabbit Holes



Fake news is not new and has been around for awhile. But it's recent popularity in the public eye is revealing. In the past it could easily be exposed through fact checking, identifying truth, reality and using rational thought. Today however, these tools are not being used effectively because something else has been deemed more important. It appears that the measurement being used today for verification is our trust and belief in it's source.

  • Trying to argue facts and using reason to anyone committed to the source is futile.
  • Belief based solely on a source requires that we give up rational thought and independent thinking.


Today it seems that Fake News is being used for a specific purpose: to misdirect and guide our political thought. It seems to be used for creating Rabbit Holes to distract our attention from governmental oversight and Real News. It only takes an early morning tweet by the Dis-tractor-in-Chief to send us down a rabbit hole lasting for days and sometimes weeks (latest one, Susan Rice (upgraded to criminal)). The interesting thing to observe is how quickly pundits and politicians jump into the holes. Their sole Purpose appears to be constant repetition of the source for validation and then introducing Wild Speculation that blurs the subject matter beyond recognition ( they have been exceptional at this strategy for years).


#grooming Jared for 2020 (sorry Mike).


In the meantime, the Three Pillars driving this administration are ever active. Have you heard that key Education regulations are being overturned (poor kids) ?, Our Financial protections are being sacrificed?. Stay Tuned!




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