Church and State...Together at last



Actually, they have been intertwined for a number of years now and have been very active in shaping the current political climate. But recent public events and political decisions have brought into question- 'who wins and who loses in this merger? .


It's obvious (Not counting Fake News) that the American Government's reputation, productivity and leadership have suffered from seven years or more of ineffectiveness and waste (church influence could be examined as one root cause). We also seem to have a divided government devoted to special interest (church included) as opposed to “We the People” So, it's hard to see either the State or it's people as winners in this merger.


But the status of our reputation as a Christian Nation, believing in the teachings of Christ, should really be examined for impact. One would need to reach somewhat deeply into the Christian teachings and scriptures in order to justify the choices made in electing our current president. That old saying, “you can use the Bible to justify almost anything”, may have some truth to it.


However, since man has had a difficult time living and preaching the principles of Christ's Teachings in church over the years, would it not be reasonable to expect a more in-depth understanding of Jesus's teachings and a living example of Christian principles in action before allowing entrance into the political arena,



PS, How about UVA... “Making America Great”- Again!!!, Will we ever learn?

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