Buzz Words & Button Pushers ( How high should I jump?)







Buzz Words were around long before our nation became independent . They have played key roles in motivating people in most societies. In the old days these key words and phrases were typically positive and were used to inspire us to greater commitment and effort. And the Button Pushers, who were also around from the beginning, learned to use them to spur us to action through an easily manipulated emotional connection and a strong sense of duty. Examples of buzz words and phrases in America included:


  • Win one for the Gipper

  • We're Number One

  • Proud to be an American

  • Apple Pie

  • Freedom

  • etc...




However, somewhere along the way the Button Pushers began to recognize that there were other buzz words available for them to use in managing and controlling the public energy toward a more selfish and profitable end. To this end, today's Buzz Words became more divisive and dark (with hate) and included words like:


  • Benghazi

  • Intercity

  • (Clinton) emails

  • Liberal

  • 2nd Amendment

  • The 'N' word

  • etc...






While it is true that the button pushers have been wildly successful in getting us to do their bidding, the real issue to be reviewed is our behavior in allowing ourselves to be manipulated in this manner. Our behavior has become so predictable that most of the decisions we make have become mere formalities. Its as if we eagerly await each stimulation (BW + BP) in order to confirm our learned responses, especially in politics. It really isn't a stretch to predict the 2018 or 2020 election results now, so long as we continue to rely on the Button Pushers to determine our fate. When we have seen an entire Congress march in lock-step for eight years to halt governmental progress, you know that the right buzz words are being used for an obviously political objective. The questions to be asked are, Who is my Button Pusher and am I so powerless that I have lost the ability to choose my own response?




PS. Does anyone truly believe that the Russian contacts connected to the new administration were purely coincidental? If you answered No, don't worry your buzz-word and button will be 'Pushed' soon.










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