Black Lives Matter (For What?)



The Mike Brown-Ferguson incident a few years back presented a unique set of circumstances and opportunities to demonstrate the effect of “Black Lives Matter”.

  • The majority population of Ferguson was black

  • Control of local government was white

  • Treatment of local citizens appeared unjust

  • Local elections were on the horizon

  • Everything seemed to be in place for a “Black Lives Matter” movement with the opportunity to demonstrate how and why it could make a difference.


Fast forward to the recent election results in Ferguson to validate the movement's impact.

  • the majority population is nearly the same

  • Control of local government has marginally shifted

  • Citizen policing treatment appears to be improving

  • Voter participation appeared to be very disappointing

  • The Mayor has been re-elected


Since the shift in Ferguson governing body appeared minimal, the question to be asked is: What was the movement's purpose? Drawing attention to the conditions of blacks in America is one thing. However, protecting and safeguarding their rights involves a robust participation in the electoral and governing process (and not only at the National level). In fact the local and state controls are vastly more important (This is what Dems have lost ). This should be ground-zero in the ongoing battle to prove that black lives matter.

How would you inspire responsibility for governing? Certainly not by suggesting that a savior, likable person, ( Sorry Hillary) is the key to their eventual success and that they should wait patiently until he/she appears.


There is another election scheduled for 2018. If Black Lives really matter, then the responsibility for self-protection, through the governing process should be reflected in this election cycle and its results. Otherwise incidences such as Ferguson can only be considered as a temporary opportunity for national attention and a quick moment of visibility in the ever changing daily news cycle.


In the meantime, did you know that the The Federal Contracting Executive Orders affecting discriminating against employees on the basis of sexual orientation or identity has been changed to take away more individual rights.

Signed: March 27, 2017


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