Affordable Health Care








AHCA has just passed the House, Time to Sell more Snake-oil to the Towns-folk. A neighbor of mine had been so convinced (by Button Pushers) of the evils of Obamacare to the point that he was insistent on it's repeal. What he failed to consider was a loss of job followed by an onset of illness leading to a cancer diagnosis. He is no longer my neighbor and my last picture of him was in the hallway of a local hospital with the family discussing how to pay for his medical care. Giving up your healthcare rights in favor of Tax Cuts for the Rich and powerful is going to be appreciated (independent thinkers , Are you in Town?).




PS. For those, looking at the next 8 years (and choosing to do an early End-Zone dance) , I believe someone may have once said in song 'Let the Bad-Guy win every once-in-awhile'.


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  1. magnocrat

    The rich complain that they should not pay for the poor and then they rob them to uphold the banking system. What’s more they are quick to move on any debtor with out mercy having happily supported themselves on public money.

    May 08, 2017
    1. hgjat


      May 09, 2017
  2. magnocrat

    There are two sides to every question.

    May 09, 2017